Steve just finished a new 3-song EP!  

Produced by award-winning singer/songwriter Korby Lenker, the three songs - "Missouri", "Breathing Underwater", and "Happy" - will be available for purchase and download later this month.

Steve has also been working with a number of other singers to add their voices to some of his other work.  You'll hear other artists singing lead on songs like  "Overcome", "Broke Down Beautiful", and "Love You Better".  Of course, you can still hear Steve's own mellifluous tones on other tunes, including "Scar", "Maybe", and his own renditions of "Overcome" and "Love You Better".  

When he's not making music, Steve works as a lawyer, negotiating contracts for technology companies and writing Law Review articles about the O.J. Simpson trial.  When he's not negotiating deals, Steve loves to read, take photos, and travel, including visits to Esalen as often as he can arrange it.  He also volunteers his time each summer teaching songleading at URJ Camp Newman in Santa Rosa, CA.

updated: 1 month ago